Debt Consolidation | How to Check the Debt of a Private Person?

How to check the indebtedness of a private person

How to check the indebtedness of a private person

The first place where it is worth checking your debt is CIB. Credit Information Bureau collects and gathers and then provides data.

You register and after registration you must verify your account, send a scan or photo ID to the registry.

After verifying the profile, you can proceed to download the report. The report is paid and costs PLN 39 – one time, or PLN 99 for 12 reports to be used for one year from the date of purchase of the package.

By downloading the report, you will see the column “Unpaid debts”

You will have all your unsettled liabilities up to now. In the report, there are as you can see such data as:

  • Name of the creditor,
  • amount of arrears,
  • type of arrears,
  • the maturity date of the commitment.

For sure, it’s worth checking out at the ERT. The National Debt Register is a register to which debtors are reported by debtors. The list of debtors in ERT can be found with debts for at least PLN 200 (natural persons) and PLN 500 (companies).

Registration in the ERT takes place. Just like in the case of Retrodatabase registration, you need to verify your account by sending a scan or photo of your ID card. Only then is it possible to download the report.

The third register in which it is worth checking is Driff. Bangouh Information Center is a register very similar to ERT. Registration in Driff takes place at

I hope you already know how to check the debt of a private person. If you check the above registers, you will be able to find out about all your arrears with almost 100% confidence. It is also worth collecting correspondence that comes to your address because it is also a very good source of information.


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