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The fastest cash loan is probably a cash loan via the Internet. However, there is nothing to rush, because the most important thing is the price we will pay for the money we borrow. Instead of looking for a quick loan, focus on the comparison of loan offers.

A loan, a cash loan, is not the only opportunity to finance expenses. We often forget that with creditworthiness we can use the limit in the account. It is very often a much cheaper form of borrowing money, the more that we pay only for the amount of the limit used and the period of time in which we actually use such a loan. In the case of a loan or a cash loan, we pay regardless of whether we use the entire loan or only part of it.

At present, the maximum nominal annual interest rate on the loan is 10% ( basic NBP interest rates ). However, the actual interest rate on the loan may be two or even three times as high. A rrso of non-bank loans is up to 70%, and short-term loans and rrso at 1200% are not uncommon.

This is only your decision on the loan

This is only your decision on the loan

Each decision about a loan or credit should be made “coldly”, without unnecessary emotions. It must be a rational decision.

For example, before Christmas, banks give cash loans in very large quantities, loan companies advertise Christmas cash loans. It seems that everything is like not for free, it is definitely very cheap.

” Cash loan for PLN 0 “, ” cash loan with a reduced interest rate ” tempts and inclines to take advantage of the offer. We are indebted in this period much above our needs and repayment options.

Keep your “cool head” and possibly use the calculator. Compare the offer with others on the market. A promotional cash loan for holidays may turn out to be a worse offer than a standard cash loan at another bank. A nicely wrapped Christmas loan does not mean that it is a good choice, but only that we just got fooled again.

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